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Denise Reilly

Denise Reilly has spent more than 15 years in leadership and personal development, serving as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Capital One, Aetna Healthcare, and Wells Fargo Bank. In addition to being a featured expert on , the world’s leading website for personal development, Denise is also the Editor-in-Chief of the inbox magazine and website, Working Moms, an online publication dedicated to empowering working moms to achieve success, well-being, and balance in their lives. Denise Reilly is the mother of 2 and lives in the Tampa Bay area with her children and husband of 20 years.

Vicky Berry

The founder of and, Vicki is a highly regarded online entrepreneur and experienced SEO trainer. Vicki leverages her expertise in marketing, blogging, lead generation and personal wellness to help others establish an online presence and build successful businesses on a part-time basis. Her technical expertise in software engineering and corporate training enabled Vicki to create multiple training packages to empower people to jump start their businesses and pursue their passions.

Sheryl Duchess N.D., M.H.

Dr. Duchess is a naturopathic physician, wellness coach, public speaker and educator residing in the Tampa Bay area. She has reached thousands with her lectures, educational DVDs, and wellness coaching. Dr. Duchess is committed to bringing her message to working moms and their families to enable them to reach optimal health.

For more information regarding Dr. Duchess, visit her website

David Allen

With more than 25 years of experience in leading labor negotiations, international recruiting, employee relations and succession planning for Fortune 500 companies, David is a leading expert in the HR industry.

David earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University, his Masters Degree from Central Michigan University and earned a lifetime certification as a Senior Professional in HR from the Society of Human Resources.

While highly versed in all aspects of Human Resources, David is particularly skilled in Employment law, HR start up, Corporate Acquisitions, Legal challenges and Customized Training. His professional HR experience includes working for the US Government and several major industries including; Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Health Care.

In addition to his 25 years in the HR field, David and his wife have raised 5 children and live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nicole Jolie

The founder and CEO of Socially Smashing, Inc., Nicole is a social media expert and experienced online marketer. Utilizing the latest in marketing strategies such as Facebook, Mobile Apps, Twitter and Pinterest, Socially Smashing clients have seen significant increases in profits. Nicole is committed to helping small business owners extend their reach, build a brand, and reach their goals through the practice of building relationships, trust, and likeability in the marketplace.

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